Monday, February 11, 2013

Self Massage for TMJ

Start on the locked side. Grab your cheek and pinch/pull it away from your teeth/gums. You should feel the big, bulky, tight muscle come come away with the skin and adjust until you're grabbing it directly. You may feel a lot of tenderness. Hold as tightly as you can until it "hurts so good" and then hold it there. If you are doing it correctly, the muscle will start to "melt" from your fingers. Repeat in different areas of the muscle until you can't find more trigger point pain. Do this on both sides. Push into the joint gently and hold until discomfort relaxes.

When you are done, grab the ear on the painful side and pull it away. Work on your ear and cartilege by moving the ear in circles, bending the cartilege, and working to make your ear flexible and relaxed. Repeat on both sides.

The last step is rubbing your temples into your head until tenderness is gone.

This should relax the muscles and pain of TMJ dysfunction.


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